In Rouen, Sarah Vauzelle is the new assistant for sport and youth


A few hours from his first real city council meeting, Friday July 10, Sarah Vauzelle getting ready for « the great baptism. I have two deliberations, including one for debate ». Despite a slight apprehension, the new assistant in charge of sport and youth has « worked well with the teams. I will do my best ». And indeed, if Sarah Vauzelle is a novice in politics, she does not lack experience in the field of her two delegations.

Originally from Barentin, the elected official is today responsible for the Rouen-Eure branch of the Fondation Act Against Exclusion (Face) Normandie. « I have also been involved in badminton for ten years. I was president of the Maromme-Déville-Mont-Saint-Aignan club until last year. Today I am vice-president. » In this context, she meets Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, « who contributed to the organization of the French championships at Kindarena [en 2019, NDLR] ” The project, led by the new mayor, appeals to the young woman: « It brought together talents. It was the best project we could hope for for the city of Rouen. »

Save the clubs, help the young

Its two “cross-functional” delegations go hand in hand: « Sport goes with the dynamic spirit of youth policy and youth is a big pillar of the city. We must find how to bring talents to study in Rouen and stay there. »

Among the main priorities for the start of the school year, Sarah Vauzelle points to the survival of sports clubs: « Sport and culture are the two big forgotten by state aid. We will try to save as many associations as possible. They will be affected by the second wave, economic and social, in September. » The deputy fears that citizens, whose purchasing power has declined, will abandon sports associations. Without a subsidy, clubs risk not surviving.

« Associations must be supported so that they can reinvent themselves. We will also work a lot to promote the benefits of sport for young people, the elderly and the sick. » And try to save jobs « that structure clubs ».

The youth dossier looks just as heavy: « With the end of the state of health emergency, young adults will be kicked out by the ASE. We will not be able to absorb, but we must bring them a particular listening, offer them a place to hear their problems, to avoid that they find themselves without promise of future. » For this, Sarah Vauzelle intends to collaborate with associations in order to create « a youth center to discuss various subjects such as drugs, harassment, raise awareness of employment assistance systems, support them in building their project … » Friday evening, the two deliberations, at the municipal council, focused on aid devices: the funding of Bafa (animator’s certificate) and assistance in access to cultural and sporting leisure.


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