In pictures: these distant but cozy places that you will only see in Russia

This Instagram account brings together radiant photos of heat from the most distant places in Russia.

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For Alex A., it all started with one photo. He called it “Breakfast on the Balcony”. The photo was not a typical Instagram shot with croissants on a plate and the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. Still, Alex was captivated.

“I stumbled upon it on Instagram by accident and it made a very strong impression on me. I wanted as many people as possible to see it. It was as if the photo said: “Comfort is everywhere you create it”. On the same day, the account Ouïoutnye Ebenia (which roughly translates to “distant and creepy cozy places”) was created “explains Alex, one of the two anonymous owners and managers of this very popular Instagram account.

At the time of writing, this account, posting cozy photos of lost places in Russia, had 294,000 followers, although initially the owners only promoted it to their friends and family. knowledge.

“We sent out invitations to our friends, who in turn sent out invitations to their friends. People liked our content, started reposting it and that’s how it evolved ”, describes Alex.

Account owners post photos of different creators and photographers, indicating the authors when they are known and asking the audience to help identify them when they are not. This guarantees the best variety of places and great aesthetic diversity.

“It doesn’t matter what equipment you use to take the picture. You can spend hours choosing an angle, lighting, taking photos with an expensive camera and getting a really good shot, or you can take a photo on your phone and get a masterpiece. This is the beauty of it ”says Alex, who regularly surfs the internet for new fabulous shots of cozy isolation in Russia.

The aesthetic of Russian izbas, dilapidated cities and freezing winters actually attracts followers from all over the world and from very diverse backgrounds.

“Our audience is incredibly diverse. From informal youth to respectable teachers at universities in the capital. One of our favorite and active subscribers is a 70-year-old woman who works as a library manager somewhere in the Urals ”.

“Most of our subscribers are Russians, but almost every day we get messages from all over the world. Subscribers in South America and Australia are particularly active, for some reason we don’t know. People send us their photos of the local architecture, way of life and nature. Soon we are going to be doing a big post about the cozy and faraway places around the world. There is a lot to see there too! “.

Like the followers of his account, Alex is also fascinated by the campaign.

“The theme of the Russian countryside is particularly popular among residents of large cities. Some residents have come to town from similar lost holes and over time experience feelings of nostalgia, while others, on the contrary, have never gone “beyond the third ring.” [une référence à la voie circulaire autour du centre de Moscou situé entre l’anneau des Jardins au centre-ville et le périphérique de Moscou] and they find it exotic, incredibly far from their usual lives. It is by coming to the countryside that people can stop time for a moment: to “breathe”, to take a break from the frantic urban rhythm. Today, many people miss that ”, he concludes.

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