In pictures, the 8 best theme parks and game cities around the world that simulate video games

In pictures, the 8 best theme parks and game cities around the world that simulate video games

With the rise in temperatures, families tend to spend holidays in unconventional ways, especially with children eager to enhance their sense of adventure, and there are parks and game cities that meet their desires, and provide an exceptional experience, especially because they are inspired by the most famous animated films or famous video games.

Theme parks and theme parks have built their success on movies and games

From Japan to the United States, there are plenty of new theme parks and amusement rides for family memories, here’s a look at just a few:

1) «Kathmandu»

Kathmandu Punta Cana features interactive indoor games and tech-savvy

The “Kathmandu” park is located in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, as it opened in March 2023, on its eastern coast.

Kathmandu is among the world’s most famous theme parks and theme parks, offering an experience of 4D racing, surreal chess duels, a Himalayan mini golf course, a sky-high ropes course, climbing walls, and a whirlpool for younger adventurers. .

The entrance ticket for adults is about $ 120, and $ 85 for children, which guarantees a one-time use card.

2) “Super Nintendo World”

Mario Kart is the most popular game

More than a year after its opening at “Universal Studios” Japan in 2021, “Super Nintendo World” arrived at “Universal Studios” Hollywood in February 2023, making it one of the parks and game cities that continue to achieve success in the world.

Guests enter the Mushroom Kingdom through the famous green tube of the game «Super Mario». Once inside, fans of the game will appreciate the impressive lands that feature recreations of familiar game scenes.

Visitors can use augmented reality to navigate race courses, as well as purchase an additional wristband that syncs with the park’s app. Tickets start at $109.

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3) «Ghibli»

Theme parks and cities
Live the experience of the most famous Japanese anime movies

It is located outside of Nagoya, Japan, and opened in late 2022. Within the 17.5 forest area of ​​Expo 2005, guests will find five zones that recreate many scenes from popular Japanese animated films such as “Split Away.”

There is also a cinema that shows short films, two cafes, and two other areas, the “Mononoke” village and the Valley of the Witches, are expected to open later this year.

Ticket prices range from $15 for adults and $7.50 for children.

4) Legoland Korea Resort

The Legoland Resort opens its gates in New York in 2021

In the wake of the first appearance of the “Legoland” resort in New York in 2021, the resort opened in South Korea by May 2022, and it is a favorite destination for fans of adventure theme parks and cities.

Located about 1.5 hours east of the Korean capital, Seoul, the resort is dedicated to all things Lego, with more than 40 games and entertainment destinations across seven regions.

The park is specially designed for children between the ages of 2 and 12, so there are not many dangerous rides.

Ticket prices range from $38 for adults to $30 for children.

5) Columbia Pictures Aquaverse

Movie-themed water games

The Columbia Pictures Aquaverse water park in Thailand is located near Pattaya, a two-hour drive south of Bangkok.

It also offers the world’s first water dome ride, surfing machines, and the “Hotel Transylvania” area, with more than 100 features for children. Ticket prices start at $41.

6) Lotte World Adventure Busan

Theme parks and cities

Lotte World has expanded three decades after opening its main theme park in Seoul, and in March 2022 it opened a second location in Busan, on the southeastern coast of South Korea.

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The park includes several European-inspired gardens and open squares, in addition to a group of exciting games and attractions that are interspersed with six themed areas.

Ticket prices range from $35 for adults to $25 for children.

7) Peppa Pig Park

The world’s first entertainment “Peppa Pig” opened last year in Winter Haven, Florida, and is dedicated to the classic British animation program of the same name.

It provides the possibility to go through the same adventures as the little “Peppa” in the cartoon, and hosts visitors on an area of ​​​​4.5 acres, to enjoy well-designed activities.

The park is scheduled to open in Dallas, Texas, next year, with ticket prices starting at $34.

8) Genting Sky Worlds

Theme parks and cities

It is located an hour’s drive from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, and opened in February 2022.

The park covers an area of ​​​​26 acres, cost $ 800 million, and took nearly 10 years to build. Visitors will find 26 attractions in nine movie-inspired areas, and ticket prices hover around $ 34 for adults and $ 29 for children.

(Kate Springer – CNN)


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