in palliative care, Mamaï confided in a biography

Softening ailments with words is what Nathalie Mathis-Delobel, the hospital biographer, offers to patients met at the intercommunal hospital center of the Southern Alps. Anne-Marie Egon-Faraldi, nicknamed “Mamaï”, is one of them. While in hospice care, she played the game of engaging in her life after her husband did too. “She is a real beautiful person full of delicacy” This is how she describes Nathalie Mathis-Delobel, the only one authorized to come and visit her at the Gap hospital. “A ray of sunshine”, while the Romettine was going through a dark period by being hospitalized, at the end of August 2020.

With a sparkling gaze, Mamaï was able to look back on her “not easy” life, the tragedies that have …


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