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In outbreak areas, 7 to 9 percent of people are immune

by drbyos

The built-up immunity to Covid-19 varies widely by region. In a sample in the first week of April among 4,000 blood donors from Sanquin, it was found that the percentages of people with antibodies in the GGD regions of Brabant-Zuidoost and Limburg-Noord were between 7 and 9 percent. RIVM director Jaap van Dissel announced this on Wednesday during his weekly briefing to the House of Representatives on the corona crisis. A week earlier, he had already reported that the national average of people with antibodies to the new coronavirus came to 3 percent.


Because it takes some time before someone builds up resistance to the virus after an infection, the numbers give an idea of ​​the beginning of the epidemic in the Netherlands, at the beginning of March. The blood donor study will be repeated soon to see to what extent resistance to the coronavirus has expanded over the course of the epidemic.

Experts assume that for good group protection, 60 percent of the population must be immune to the virus. It is far from being at that level. In addition, it remains to be seen how well and for how long antibodies continue to provide protection against recontamination.

Group immunity develops gradually: the more people who have experienced the infection, the more damping will be on the spread of the virus, even without measures such as ‘intelligent lockdowns’.


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