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In Mulhouse, eleventh act of anti-pass demonstrations, with Martine Wonner as a special guest

by drbyos

Photo de Martin Wilhelm

The weeks go by, and the Mulhouse demonstrators do not stop not giving up. There were nearly 3,000 of them roaming the streets of the city, as many, if not more than last week. More than 500 in Colmar and 1,500 in Strasbourg, the same figure as the previous week.

This even though the national media keep trumpeting the inexorable decline of these gatherings, the social purpose of which obviously escapes many commentators, as well as supposed representatives of intermediary bodies.

Starting with the so-called “representative“, Whose climax was reached during the statement of the leader of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, considering the demonstrators as so many” infrequent people ».

Subtle and nuanced, he will nevertheless specify that it is about ” all those who are of the extreme right, who are conspirators, who are anti-Semites and who, in the end, use this argument to push their ideas. They are quite numerous anyway. We have nothing to do with these people ».

The moral left will thus have acquired its patent of priestly integrity, and will cease to pose the need to invest the places where popular dynamics germinate and take shape, like the movement of yellow vests, even if they were invested. by two or three weirdos. But this people there is decidedly not the good one.

The supporters of union morale will lose by doing so the last chance that the unions had to appear as the best authorized to act among this insolently refractory people, including by isolating the most infrequent individuals. But it is true that the most frequent demonstrations, in the sense that the leader should understand them minimum of the CFDT, are also the most inert, ineffective and agreed upon in the world.

And if we say of this union that it often has a vocation to negotiate the weight of the chains, in the heart of the antisocial and liberticidal tumult of which this government has become customary, its mission is therefore also to evangelize the masses in the name of the eschatological truth which the Republican monarch avails himself of, an undeserved actor in an opera-bouffe show that he would like to call democracy.

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“The health crisis will start now”

According to the Minister of Health on September 16, the day after the entry into force of the vaccination obligation, the suspensions of hospital staff would concern ” mainly support service staff », « very few white coats ».

A few days later, Mulhouse establishments found themselves facing serious difficulties in running their services and taking care of patients.

We learned at the beginning of the week that the white plan was triggered at GHRMSA, and that the emergency room at the Diaconate clinic would close for a week.

The vaccination obligation is in fact added to sick leave, and a chronic shortage of personnel. AT GHRMSA, nearly 10% of staff are not up to date with their obligations, ie 500 to 600 agents.

Enough to make palpable the declaration of Martine Wonner, special guest of the organizers of the Mulhouse event, for whom “The health crisis will start now“, Due to the suspension of staff and the break in the chain of care.

Martine Wonner, or the muse of the near-sanitary

Received at the high point of the demonstration, the MP for Bas-Rhin, on a support tour for some time now, and a real spokesperson for many demonstrators who recognize themselves in her, manages to hold the microphone for more than 35 minutes, without notes, addressing the crowd behind the rampart with a construction tape that seems to be worth a “sanitary” cordon.

Not stingy with heterodox statements in public health, she is identified as the promoter of shaky, even dubious information, while she even claims to be anti-conspiracy. In particular, she had distinguished herself a few months ago, declaring in the National Assembly that the CDC American had just declared that the masks were useless, which was wrong.

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His Mulhouse monologue, however, seems to give ground to grind to his detractors, so many of his statements leave doubtful.

If she is right to emphasize that a health crisis is likely to start now, when many suspended staff are no longer at their posts, that directors of hospitals in overseas departments refuse to suspend their (many) unvaccinated staff in name of the continuity of care, and that it is a question of restoring dignity to the caregivers by suspending the effects of the health pass, it is still based on data subject to caution.

Thus, she maintains that a mention of article 12 of the law of August 5 on the extension of the health pass and the vaccination obligation, would provide for the lifting of the pass. However, it is only the lifting of the vaccination obligation for the personnel who would be subjected to it, and not of the past itself.

This is formulated in chapter 4 of article 12 : “IV. – A decree, taken after the opinion of the High Authority for Health, may, taking into account the evolution of the epidemiological situation and of medical and scientific knowledge, suspend, for all or part of the categories of persons mentioned in I, the obligation provided for in the same I“. “The obligation provided for in the same I”Thus listing the list of professionals subject to compulsory vaccination.

Moreover, what to think of statements like “early treatments”Work? If this were unconditionally true, the conspiracy would be proven, and therefore knowingly implemented by all hospital and treating physicians, refusing to administer them to their patients? But for what reason? Sell ​​vaccines? They should then be interested in their sale. However, the vast majority of physicians do not have any link of interest with laboratories.

Paradoxically, for Martine Wonner, today: “We have never been so serene in hospital structures with regard to covid!”. Without early treatment, and therefore thanks to the genetic vaccine? In addition, hospital workers are not exactly in a very zen position, given the prospect of a potentially threatening winter, and not only because of the covid …

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Even more doubtful, Martine Wonner promotes the vaccine “French-style“. The vaccine “pasteurian“. The one that is not the result of genetic engineering, like that of Pfizer Where Modern, and that the laboratories Sanofi and Valneva are preparing for the next few months.

What does she conclude? “Conventional vaccines are safe”! Should we remember that a vaccine can never be safe? Whether it’s for covid or other diseases. What if vaccines Sinovac and Sinopharm, Chinese vaccines against covid-19, based on inactivated whole virus (in line with the Pasteurian spirit) are safe and effective, according to the WHO, however, no data is available on the frequency and level of side effects, which necessarily exist.

In addition, Martine Wonner saw fit to put it back on a circumstantial anti-unionism. “Where are the unions?“, She cried blandly. A CGT unionist … from the metallurgy then wanted to make herself known, in order to deny their absence, triggering laughter from the audience …

The fact is that unions in the health branch are active in the field, especially since the suspension of staff. These include the CGT, and FO, or even the UNSA or the CFTC in some places. We have testified here and there of their commitment, during demonstrations in front of the ARS in Colmar.

Finally, calling for giving the possibility to caregivers to choose Pasteurian vaccines and thus to recover their jobs, Martine Wonner said to have participated in the creation of a non-governmental organization in charge of continuing care for patients, on behalf of suspended professionals. . Thus escaping the control of the Order of Physicians.

As for the demonstration, it reached its climax, consisting of a throw of white coats in front of the Young Door, and a deadly simulation of the fate done to the caregivers.

Find the entire intervention of Martine Wonner, thanks to the recording made by Jean-Jacques Greiner:

Finally, as usual, here is the photographic gallery of Martin Wilhelm:

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