In Malaysia, a plane with passengers crashed on a highway – RBC

In Malaysia, a plane with passengers crashed on a highway – RBC

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Passenger plane crashes on Malaysian highway, at least 10 dead

Consequences of the crash of a light aircraft near the city of Elmina in Malaysia

(Photo: Hasnoor Hussain/Reuters)

Passenger plane crashes on highway in Malaysia

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At least 10 people died in the crash of a small aircraft with passengers on board in Malaysia.

The plane crashed on the highway, on board were eight people, all of them died. At the time of the accident, a car and a motorcycle were passing along the highway. The driver of the car and the motorcyclist were also killed, police said.

The plane was flying from Lankawi Island to the mainland, at first it disappeared from the radar screens, later the police reported that the aircraft had crashed onto the highway. The causes of the crash are still unknown.

The final number of victims has not yet been established, it may increase if it turns out that not only the driver, but also passengers were in the car.


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