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In Lille, Homère wants to reconcile men with responsible fashion

by drbyos
Lille residents Marc-Antoine Calzada and Cyril Chapon are launching Homère, a marketplace to reconcile men with eco-responsible and sustainable fashion. (© Marc-Antoine Calzada)

The health crisis that we are going through changes many of our habits, especially in terms of consumption. In Lille, Marc-Antoine Calzada and Cyril Chapon understood this well and are working on the launch of a marketplace which will regroup all responsible brands for men. Named Homer, you will find in the online shop the essentials of the everyday male wardrobe : t-shirts, shirts, pants, jackets, shoes and accessories.

A virtual market where each brand is eco responsible

“The peculiarity of Homer is that all the clothing offered comes from responsible brands whose watchwords are quality and ethics. All the clothes are eco-designed, with certified materials, made in France or in Europe, ”explains Marc-Antoine.

Meticulously selected, the brands are chosen according to four criteria: the style of clothing, the location of the manufacturing workshops, the textiles they use and also their commitments to the environment.

Clothes of impeccable quality

Buying Homer’s selection also means buying clothes that you keep for a very long time. Designed with noble materials that give them great quality, it is also an opportunity to buy less clothes, as you will keep the room longer.

The prices of clothes sold at Homer will range from 40 to over 200 euros in order to be able to dress and delight as many people as possible. “We try to mix the brands to have different prices, universes, styles and thus satisfy a wider range of men. An eco-designed garment will inevitably be more expensive than a garment from fast fashion. However, the prices are transparent and justified, ”emphasizes Marc-Antoine.

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Marc-Antoine and Cyril want to reconcile man with clothing, make responsible clothing cool, trendy, and democratize it. “The man often had difficulty finding clothes. The offer has often been limited, uninspiring, too low-end or too expensive. We want to reconcile man with clothing. “

A call for participation on the Ulule website

The two entrepreneurs have engaged a crowdfunding in order to raise the last funds necessary for the launch. Everyone can contribute with the amount they want. At certain levels, Homère offers gifts related to their philosophy such as a tree to plant, insulated gourds or a tote bag for example! If you want to contribute to the project or even share the campaign, it’s on Ulule.

If the project works well, the opening of a boutique can be considered as early as next year in Lille, as can a collection of clothing by Homère. “Just like the idea of ​​the store, yes a Homer collection is in our minds! Eventually, there will be one, ”concludes Marc-Antoine.

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