In Kazan, drivers in balaclavas blocked Millennium for filming a video – video

A resident of Kazan published an angry post on social networks, which was accompanied by a video recording how several black SUVs blocked traffic on the Millennium Bridge.

According to the footage published, the cars were moving very slowly and several masked men were moving, leaning out of the window of one of the cars. What was happening was filmed by a camera installed on the car driving in front.

A voice-over indignantly comments on what is happening: “They are riding in masks, some comrades, unknown persons are blocking the Millennium. Where are our local, traffic police leadership, which observes the laws? I am very interested in why they can afford this. ”

In the comments, users suggested that the captured action was the shooting of a clip of the famous Kazan rapper Nurminsky. “Yes, even Khurminsky, why does he occupy three lanes at once and interfere with the movement of motorists, while creating a traffic jam?”, Indignant netizens are indignant.



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