In France, 40 firefighters to evacuate an obese woman weighing 391 kilos from her home

In France, 40 firefighters to evacuate an obese woman weighing 391 kilos from her home

According to local media the woman weighs 391 kilos. In addition to nurses and doctors, the operation mobilized ten gendarmes and 40 firefighters, including some from the unit specializing in rescue operations in dangerous environments (GRIMP) as well as a bariatric ambulance, specially equipped for people with large build and coming from Belgium. The person, who had lived in Stenay for more than 20 years, had so far refused treatment.

evacuation operation, scheduled for several months, was carried out in coordination with many actors, such as the doctors of the center of specialty against obesity of the CHRU Nancy, the home hospitalization center of the hospital center of Verdun or even the SAMU, according to a press release from the prefecture. It required the demolition of many partitions in this woman’s apartment.

It was necessary to cut the ground to evacuate it by the window of the ground floor.

Access to certain streets around the site of the intervention was prohibited for part of the day. “The evacuation took place from 1:30 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.“, specified the prefecture of the Meuse. The patient was able to be placed in safety in the ambulance then taken to the emergency room of Nancy, where she was hospitalized at the end of the day.

A similar operation had already taken place, in December 2020 in Perpignan, recalls France 3 Lorraine. The 50-year-old man, who “approached 300 kg“, had to be taken out of his accommodation with the help of a horror. His hospitalization had saved his life, according to the chain.

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