In Colmar, the unvaccinated overwhelm the intensive care unit

At Colmar hospital, 24 of the 36 intensive care beds are occupied by patients with coronavirus. Among them, 22 are not vaccinated.

The nursing staff are tired by the influx of patients who occupy the majority of the beds in the hospital’s intensive care unit. Health professionals at Colmar hospital are calling on the French to be vaccinated to protect themselves, but also to help them in their work, which has become much more trying with the coronavirus crisis.

The head of the anesthesia service in intensive care reminds that patients no longer have the same profile as during the very first wave of Covid-19. The elderly are no longer the only people admitted to intensive care units. “We have young patients, 37 years old, 41 years old, 43 years old, without comorbidities,” she explained.

Deprogrammed operations

Faced with the critical situation of the Colmar hospital, where 10% of the emergency room staff are on sick leave, the Plan Blanc has been triggered since the beginning of December in the hospitals of Haut-Rhin, the department with the highest incidence rate. of the Grand Est region. This device then makes it possible to deprogram operations deemed non-urgent, but also to request staff reinforcements to make up for the lack of staff.

“As much during the first wave, we lacked material and available places, as much during this fifth wave, we lack arms, fighters”, explained to Franceinfo Yannick Gottwalles, the head of the hospital’s emergency department. In an attempt, as best they can, to preserve the hospital staff and to treat the sick as well as possible, some people are transferred to hospitals in other regions, as was the case at the start of the pandemic.


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