In Chartres, the start-up Maison M is launching a lipstick with 60,000 shades

Maison M is a small Beauty Tech start-up, based in the CCI28’s The Place incubator. It relies on innovation to find a place in the world of French luxury, but in a globally competitive market. Its co-founder, Marie Rocchisani, has just launched a revolutionary lipstick that she was able to unveil at the Cosmetic 360 show at the Louvre, in Paris, last October.

Three custom shades in each case
The revolutionary Maison M.

What is your project ?
We are a Beauty Tech start-up that puts innovation, personalization and responsibility at the heart of its commitment. Our first realization concerns a lipstick capable of offering any personalized shade.

We have developed a whole battery of artificial intelligence capable of analyzing the physical characteristics of each user and recommending the shade that suits them perfectly.

Then we have a product that offers up to three custom shades around naturalness and veganism. The lipstick is refillable, biobased and premium. We offer up to 60,000 possible shades. We scan the user’s face and the machine suggests the optimum shades for the person’s lips.

The Start in Cosmetic competition rewards start-ups in the cosmetics and perfumes sector in France

Concretely, how does it work for users?
Two possible options, either online on our website where we find a color chart with infinite choices of shades, or we meet and we take the person’s picture and analyze their physical characteristics (hair, teeth, eyes, etc.) to find the shade that suits him thanks to artificial intelligence.

We produce on demand and not in unlimited quantities. This raises the question of the environment, respect for nature and the reduction of waste.

How do you make this revolutionary product?
All the formulation part is carried out by us in-house. And the packaging part is produced by a French industrialist, who accompanies us in this adventure with innovative materials. Before, this product had the generic name of Eclips but today it is called Maison M.

premium The cosmetics-perfumes sector saw its activity grow by 14% in 2021

Why did you call your lipstick Maison M?
Maison M is the alliance of tradition and modernity. House is a strong and meaningful term. Maison is also a reflection of our strong values ​​of authenticity and commitment.

Our House is a unique and warm place that highlights the wealth of women. Maison is a symbol of the excellence of French know-how at the heart of our creations. M is a unique and decidedly bold letter. M for makeup.

Driven by a new vision of beauty, we are committed to rethinking the art and use of make-up through innovation. M is also muse. My muse is my aunt, the woman who inspired me with the idea for this innovative lipstick. Our muses are all the women who inspire us through their uniqueness.


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