In Chartres, the Red Cross is strengthening its support system for the homeless

Usually, the Red Cross carries out two patrols a week. During severe cold weather, the association is mobilized every day by patrols, every morning and every afternoon. “We give hot drinks, as well as some food or different equipment,” says Siham Moreira, head of outreach at the Red Cross.

Yesterday, an 18-year-old homeless person received coffee, soup and a backpack from the Red Cross marauder. The association has also brought novels to David, the “street poet for eleven years”, as the person defines himself. This Chartrain chose to sleep outside despite the freezing temperatures.

premium In Dreux, marauding with Red Cross volunteers

Assistance even in the requisitioned hotels

The “street poet”, as he calls himself, prefers to sleep outside rather than in an emergency shelter.

“I could stay at the Chartres foster home but I don’t prefer to,” he testifies. “I sleep in front of certain shops which have recesses and where the managers remain understanding. Normally, the police ask us to leave. With these temperatures, they are more forgiving. They intervene when some homeless people become violent. »

David (Homeless for eleven years)

The Red Cross, before its marauding, also calls the Chartrain reception center to assess the needs of the people accommodated. “We cannot enter these structures but we have requests for coats, for example, to provide”, indicates the person in charge of marauding of the Red Cross, in Chartres.

In Chartres, the homeless are more numerous during marauding

“Twenty-five to fifty beneficiaries are helped daily,” says Stéphanie Gautrin, territorial president of the Red Cross in Eure-et-Loir. “We are seeing increasingly younger applicants, especially among students. »

Thomas Desprez


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