In a year, Real Madrid will become the strongest club in the world. Here is Florentino Perez’s plan

Madrid Summer 2021 is closely associated with only one person. Kylian Mbappe moved to Real for five days, but remained at PSG – now Blancos fans expect the Frenchman to be at the Bernabeu in a year. The most amazing thing is that the disrupted transfer did not bring anyone to depression: people are ready to endure, realizing that the saved 200 million euros will be spent much more wisely.

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Marca journalists have already suggested that in 2022 Florentino Perez will focus on free Mbappe and Pogba (both have expiring contracts) and invest in Erling Holann, whose contract with Borussia is valid until 2024. Below are the top five questions about Real Madrid’s transfer campaign.

Championship of Spain

Mbappe did not move to Real for 200 million. That’s great

09/01/2021 at 06:41

How much do you actually have to pay for Mbappe?

Since childhood, Kilian has dreamed of Madrid, but his parents intelligently programmed his career: he became a star at AS Monaco, became the base of PSG, and now he has truly grown to a dream. But it is important to understand: when Mbappe was only 13 years old, his mother told Chelsea that in the future Londoners would offer more than 50 million pounds for the guy – and so it happened.

Kilian Mbappe, PSG

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In short, the Kilian family knows his value and will not go to Real only for romantic reasons. The same Marca suggested that Madrid will spend about 80 million euros on Mbappe – this amount will include all bonuses for the family and commission payments. However, this is still better than 200 million for PSG alone.

How much will Pogba cost?

Paul, like Kilian, has long admired Real Madrid and planned to go to Zinedine Zidane. Zizu is no longer present, but Pogba is still loyal to Blancos. The problem is that the affairs of the Manchester United midfielder are managed by Mino Raiola, who, according to various sources, earned 27 to 49 million euros from Paul’s move to Manchester. It is naive to think that now the Italian will agree to smaller amounts. Taking into account the lift for Pogba, this deal could cost Real Madrid about 50-70 million euros.

What is known about Holanna?

In the summer of 2021, Erling was hunted by piranhas from Chelsea, but the superstriker quietly remained at Borussia. There are two options: either Alfie’s dad advised him to forget about Dortmund, or Holann himself agreed with the bosses of the club that next summer he would definitely be released for reasonable money. The second approach is quite reasonable: Erling clearly wants to play not for Borussia, but the Norwegian’s favorite clubs are now in trouble with money. Accordingly, a guy whose contract does not expire soon is counting on a loyalty discount.

Erling Holann, Borussia

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However, if Real will really hunt Erling, then Madrid are unlikely to pay less than 100 million euros for him – and this is still the lowest bar. In addition, Holann has the same producer as Pogba. Mino received 15 million euros from Borussia, but Erling was then a boy with no experience in the elite leagues. Now the commission for assistance in the transfer will grow significantly.

How much will Real Madrid spend and who will have to get rid of?

Even according to the most conservative estimates, Madrid will spend at least 300 million euros for three players. It is clear that it is still profitable, but Peres will definitely have to part with one of the nominal stars.

Farewell to Eden Hazard still looks most likely: in 2022 there will be the last chance to get at least some tangible money for the traumatic Belgian. And getting rid of Eden will ease the statement by about 25-30 million euros per year (Azar’s salary plus taxes).

What’s embarrassing about Perez’s plan?

First, Florentino repeats his own mistakes from the early 2000s: the boss thinks about the stars and spits on specific holes in the lineup. Now Real Madrid have terrible troubles in the center of defense (minus Ramos and Varane is serious), but Perez spent the entire deadline signing Mbappe. If the situation repeats itself in the summer of 2022, then Madrid will not be rescued by the invited bists – the team will have an even more gloomy imbalance than it is now at PSG.

Florentino Perez and Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid

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Neither Nacho nor Militao match the level of the club, which seriously expects to win the Champions League, but Perez does not care. He behaves like a newcomer to football fantasy – signing legends in midfield and attack, completely scoring on defense. There is a feeling that if it were not for the solid status of Alaba, Florentino would have done without investing in defense at all: why, if there are still at least some players?

Perez’s second dilemma is the fate of Carlo Ancelotti. Now its squad is suitable for the fight for gold in La Liga, but not for the victory in the Champions League. If we imagine that Carlo will take the Example (although he did not succeed even with the more powerful Real Madrid), it is still unclear whether the Italian deserves a second season.

Time has shown that Ancelotti has remained a coach from the 2000s: he prepares well for big matches and creates an atmosphere in the locker room, but does not put on a clear game. It will be strange to entrust Mbappe, Holanna and Pogba to a man who recently dropped from Bayern to Everton in three years. On the other hand, Carlo is known for his ability to position the stars on the field and not interfere with their play: in theory, this may be enough for a fifth triumph in the Champions League. The only sad thing is that Perez hardly thinks about such a trifle as a coach. Based on the transfer plans, Florentino still believes that titles are brought strictly by players, not coaches.

Mbappe did not move to Real for 200 million. That’s great
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