Imu, cancellation and refunds arrive for these taxpayers

Everything is ready for the provision of the Support Decree which removes the Imu for property owners with defaulting tenants before February 28, 2020.

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In an autumn of full activity for collection, paradoxically, there is also room for some good news on the taxation front. A project that is part of the fiscal peace strategy and that concerns one of the most hated taxes by Italians, such as the Imu. For some taxpayers, however, the good news arrives: the tax will in fact be canceled and reimbursements will be arranged for the installments already paid. A measure envisaged by the conversion into law of the Sostegni Decree and which, we clarify, will be a privilege only for a select few.

The object of the benefit will be the owners of properties who, inside, have tenants who are in arrears. A move decided with the Sostegni Decree to compensate for the consequences of the freezing of evictions and which, at the same time, introduces the opportunity for an exemption from paying the tax. Even in this small circle of beneficiaries, however, some limitations persist.

Imu canceled: the requirements of property owners

As mentioned, not everyone will have access to the benefit of cancellation. Nor will it be enough to simply have defaulting tenants inside your property. In fact, it will be necessary that the latter have already been notified of an eviction order before February 28, 2020, that is, earlier than the outbreak of the pandemic. A provision that responds to the requests of those who complained that the blocking of evictions had also reached those who were in arrears before the start of the health emergency.

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In essence, the aid to citizens in difficulty and subject to an eviction request is accompanied by support for property owners with insolvent tenants inside already before 2020. Alongside the cancellation for 2021, reimbursements for the installment already paid in June. The reimbursement of the amounts will require the submission of an application. However, it will be necessary to wait for the implementing decree for which, however, it will not be long to wait. At least according to the latest information in this sense.


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