Impact of Boycott Urges, Saipul Jamil feels disadvantaged, this is Hotman Paris’ reaction after hearing his story

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – free from prison, Saipul Jamil greeted like a hero with a garland of flowers. In fact, he immediately got a place in a television station program.

Inevitably, it got a reaction. Many parties voiced objections to the excessive reception when he was released from prison.

Those who objected, considered that the special reception was considered to have no conscience towards the victims who were harassed by Saipul.

There was even a petition asking television to boycott Saipul Jamil from appearing on television.

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After many boycott petitions Saipul Jamil it pops out, KPI also sent letters to several television stations.

As a result of the letter, several television stations immediately canceled work contracts with Saipul Jamil.

Saipul Jamil after being released from prison.( AL FARISI)

For that reason, Saipul Jamil go to a famous lawyer Hotman Paris.

Hearing Saipul Jamil’s complaint, Hotman Paris then gave a shocking reaction.

“Saipul Jamil came to me asking for a letter KPI September 6, 2021, the title is a follow-up to public objections,” he said Hotman Paris reported by on his Instagram page.

To Hotman Paris, Saipul Jamil then asked about the implications of the letter from the KPI for his career.

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