immersed in the daily life of Suzanne Mazuri

NC the 1st spent a day alongside this woman who has been running fairs and municipal markets for years.

These carcasses come from deer that Suzanne Mazurier hunts alone or accompanied by one of these little children. At 70, she does everything, she eviscerates the animal, then transforms the meat in her laboratory in Bourail. Suzanne lives in Bourail, in Nessadiou near the Nara on a property of more than 1000 hectares. She raises oxen there, but also chickens and ducks. She is originally from Ponérihouen, and defines herself as a bushwoman. She has lived in Bourail for 36 years, but she still remains, as she likes to say, “a bushwoman of the east coast”. It was in Ponérihouen that she learned to hunt. A passion that has never left her and that she passed on to her whole family.

A week of work in his lab

Suzanne Mazurié had to leave Bourail very early this morning to be at 6 a.m. in Païta in order to set up her stand at the Broussard market. All these products represent a week of work in his lab and several days of hunting. Among the customers, some have ordered for several days, and others come to find good deer meat products.

At 70, Suzanne Mazurier has not finished enchanting our taste buds with these local products. She has set up a whole organization to be autonomous in her work. NC the 1st spent a day alongside this independent woman, hardworking, bushy and proud of it and like sausage she gets better with age!


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