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As part of the International Brain Week of the DANA Foundation, supported by the Belgian Brain Council

Conference by Doctor Gianni FRANCO, neurologist CHU UCL Namur, ULiège collaborator

“Sleep and its Mysteries, guarantor of our quality of life”
Thursday March 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the IMEP (Room B3.002)

Since the dawn of time, sleep and its dreams have been part of our daily life and challenge us. What is sleep for? Why and how to sleep well? Should we be wary or rejoice in dreaming? How to tell the difference between dream and reality? How neurosciences help us to better approach this period which represents 1/3 of our life, of which 20% are spent dreaming … dreams, an essential platform for the consolidation of our memory, our learning capacities, our identity construction , …… We invite you to come and share your questions and answers around the latest discoveries in neuroscience.

Dr. Gianni FRANCO, is a neurologist, CHU UCL Namur, ULiège Collaborator Neurosciences Mosanes, Vice President of the Belgian Brain Council, President EplC (Ensemble pour le Cerveau), President Parkinson Association

IMEP: main entrance, Rue Henri Blès at n ° 33A.
Conference for all audiences, free admission, certificate of attendance on request

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