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Just a few minutes after starting the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw, the children of San Ildefonso have begun to distribute the first million of the day. If last year they sang El Gordo just half an hour after starting the draw, this time they have distributed two fifth prizes endowed with 60,000 euros to the series. On the one hand the 86986 and, on the other, the 37023.

While the first of them has been sold mainly in the Balearic Islands, the second has been sold in Madrid, Jaca (Huesca), Gijón (Asturias), La Llagosta (Barcelona), Vinaròs (Castellón), Santiago de Compostela (Coruña) , Ponferrada (León), Vielha (Lleida), Arona (Tenerife), Barakaldo (Bizkaia) and Zaragoza. Among all these graceful is Manoli, who She has been going inside the Royal Theater since 2013 disguised with different motifs.

Manoli, protagonist twice

On this occasion, and despite the fact that the organization has prevented the public from entering as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, The 84-year-old woman has come to the vicinity of the theater dressed as a Lottery hype. In this way, the old woman became one of the protagonists together with the also mythical Bishop of the Lottery, who also did not miss his appointment with the classic draw despite the current situation.

Just a few minutes later, specifically at 09:20, Manoli was back in the news. This time for winning a fifth prize that has made the morning happy. Just a few minutes before starting the draw, the woman acknowledged in front of the media that she had only taken one stone on one occasion. However, and barely twenty minutes into the draw, he won one of the great prizes.

“I got the 37023 and it has given me a lot of joy”

Speaking to an RTVE reporter, the woman was very happy to have won one of the great prizes of the Christmas Lottery for the first time: “I got the 37023 and it has given me a lot of joy. It has also touched my daughters and all the friends. “In this way, and after years and years being one of the icons of the extraordinary draw of the Christmas lottery, Manoli has ended up taking the fifth prize to his 84 years of age.

What is the probability that you will get a fifth prize? Today a total of eight fifth places are distributed. Therefore, the probability that he will hit one of these eight prizes is 0.008%. Among all these people stands out Manoli who, after playing for a lifetime, has ended up winning one of the prizes. Each of the fifth prizes is endowed with 60,000 euros for the series and 6,000 euros for the tenth.


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