I’m SOLO’s ‘I’m Solo’ 6th Destiny Date Results Revealed

[스페셜타임스 정시환 기자] Hello, this is the video news team of Special Times, an internet media company.

This news is related to the release of the 6th fateful date result of I am SOLO’s ‘I’m Solo’.

In ‘I’m SOLO’, a couple occupied by ‘God of Love’ appears.

On Wednesday, the 23rd at 10:30 pm, NQQ and SBS PLUS’s real dating program ‘I’m SOLO’ will reveal the 6th fateful dating results of 3MC Defconn, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Hae-na.

The 6th single men and women, who are continuing the unknown ‘romance of chaos’, start a random date on this day. This date, when a solo woman who has hidden her identity takes down the gong on the terrace of the second floor of her hanok, the solo man on the first floor who receives telepathy who wants to be ‘my woman’ comes out and hits the gong. Matching method am.

After a while, the results of the random date are revealed, and 3MC Defconn, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Hae-na scream and are shocked when they see this. In particular, Defcon surprises everyone with the prophecy of ‘Jakdu burnt’. While watching the facial expressions of single men and women carefully, ‘My thoughts keep going there. It seems that ‘broadcasting scene’ keeps going that way.” and occupying a couple. Lee Yi-kyung and Song Hae-na give mixed opinions, such as “I have to meet you once” and “I think I will cry then.”

In the end, 3MC, who confirmed all the ‘destiny couples’, falls into a ‘group mental illness’. Defconn is so startled that he lets go of his neck and howls, while Song Hae-na grabs her head and says, ‘Is this even possible?’ Defconn said, ‘The God of Love has come. can’t stop this Aren’t these people getting married?’, predicting a pink ending for ‘The Destiny Couple’.

Solo men and women also cause ‘group pupil dilatation’. Everyone is astonished at the birth of a ‘fate couple’ that seems to have been occupied by the universe. After she finishes all her random date matching, Hyun-sook returns to her dorm and sticks her tongue out, saying, ‘I can see why people doubt there’s a script.’ Other solo women also admired it as a ‘drama without a script’. Indeed, what kind of shocking result came out of the 6th ‘random date’, it raises a very curious question.

As the final selection of the 6th season approaches, new clues for the reasoning of the ‘married couple’ will also be revealed. At 3MC’s torch, ‘At this point, reveal your face’, the production team showed a picture of the married couple’s childhood, saying, ‘I will reveal your face’. Faced with an unexpected photo, 3MC said, ‘Aren’t you two twins?;

On the other hand, ‘I’m SOLO’ broke its own highest viewership rating of 3.8% (based on Nielsen Korea’s metropolitan area paid households) on the 16th, and the highest rating was 4.2%, continuing the popularity of ‘Desperately’. In addition, it was ranked 4th in the ‘Non-Drama TV Popularity Top 10’ compiled by Good Data Corporation and 7th in the ‘Non-Drama TV Search Response Top 10’, proving its explosive popularity. The fateful couple of the 6th ‘I’m Solo’ can be seen on NQQ and SBS PLUS at 10:30 pm on Wednesday the 23rd.

It was the video news team of the Special Times.

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