“I’m not quite sure what it was”

I have long been a big fan of the music of the great composer Ludovico Einaudi. About 2 years ago, I found this great, very different and mysterious story. After searching for it, I couldn’t find any information about it. Who are the people where it comes from? Which just made me even more interested, and right after I heard it for the first time, I knew I had to make an animation for it. It was a project that has always been in my head and hasn’t changed much since day 1. 3 months ago I really started working on it. It was also my first real venture into cell animation, which was a long and painful process. But the result is worth it! I worked on it between actual client projects and when I could take the time to do so. Right now, I don’t even know how many hours I’ve spent in it. I have tried to get in touch with Ludovico Einaud / his people about this project because I would love to see it. However, any email address I have been referred to is not working or I have not received a response. Of course, all the credit for the original music belongs to him. I’m just an artist doing what I have to create. Inspired by his work. Additional sound design for the project has been created by Adme’s collaborator Vince Kriss. www.adme.se Animation: Rickard Bengtsson Music: Ludovico Einaudi – Prima sound design Vince Kriss


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