Illuminatics. A mindfuck workout in 23 steps

With authorized excerpts from Illuminatus! by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson and other sources The family as a film team, the living room as a studio – everything is shot, cut, lit, levelled, moderated and uploaded under German roofs. A highlight between make-up tips and cat videos is the network channel Illuminatics!, which explains the hidden machinations of sinister secret societies. The highly talented Celine Hagbard, IT professional Dorn, old hippie Neuss and animal rights activist Brute know of atrocities that nobody in the country suspects: things are not what they seem. Between esotericism and enlightenment, pseudoscience and conspiracy theory, paranoia, artificial intelligence and human weakness, a wonderfully dysfunctional micro family and their supercomputer FUCKUP get down to business. Whether lizard people, satanists or an ominous financial elite – who really rules the world? And above all: Why? Very loosely based on motifs from the cult novel “Illuminatus!” by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson and other sources, the Schlosstheater puts a probe into the heart of the great world conspiracy in order to encounter the Leviathan in the midst of SciFi trash, bizarre comedy and destructive beauty. Or is it just a talking dolphin? Matthias Heß has been an actor at the STM since 2009. After “The Girl Who Loved Matches Too Much”, “The Fabulous Baader Family” and the reading series “A History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters”, he is now working again as a director. Text and direction: Matthias Heße Set and costumes: Steffi Dellmann With: Patrick Dollas, Lena Entezami, Roman Mucha and Elisa Reining Dramaturgy: Larissa Bischoff, Philipp Scholtysik Assistant director: Kristina Zalesskaya Internship: Valentin Linse Special thanks to / special thanks to: Christina Pearson , Steffi Cocco, Fanny and Mila Dollas, Kilian and Julius Hesse


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