Illegal immigration in the Hérault: a new CRA will open in Béziers

Illegal immigration in the Hérault: a new CRA will open in Béziers

The deputy of Hérault Aurélien Lopez-Liguori is delighted with the announcement of the installation of a new Administrative Retention Center in Béziers.

After numerous alerts issued by the deputy, the public authorities take the measure of the lack of resources suffered by the Border Police in the face of illegal immigration, the scale of which continues to grow.

Indeed, after a violent mutiny that occurred at the CRA of Sète, within his constituency, Aurélien Lopez-Liguori exercised his right of parliamentary visit in order to observe on the ground the frightening lack of means and manpower faced daily Border Police officers, who work despite everything with remarkable professionalism.

He then pointed out to the government (by a written question) and to the prefect (by a letter) that two measures had to be taken urgently: the increase in the allocation made to the PAF in terms of men and resources, as well as the construction of a new CRA to unclog that of Sète.

It is therefore with joy that the deputy of Hérault receives the news of the installation of a new CRA in the region, which will relieve the disproportionate workload that the agents of the center of Sète have to deal with.

Find the deputy’s written question on the website of the National Assembly:

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2023-04-25 16:39:53

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