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I’ll tell you on Wednesday

by drbyos

A greater dimension of what happened this Saturday in the definition of the group of the Champion Zone that Boca and River fought we will have advanced on Wednesday night, when the series of the two semifinals of the Copa Libertadores are already decided. Anyone has seen that, for both, that was the main objective of these months, and that the domestic cup was going to be in the background. They used it for training, to move and test players, so that those who came from injuries or lost would get into rhythm.

Wanchope’s goal: defined as a crack (Photo Pablo Villan / Pool Argra).

But anyone also sees that it is something else when there is a direct duel between them: nobody wants to leave the other or the crumbs. In this same tournament, although they took care of some, the crossing between Boca and River went well to dog’s face. What one does is always tied to the luck of the other; joy or anger multiplies; one compensates, consoles or attenuates one’s own deficiency. The triumph is more enjoyable, the fall hurts less.

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Within the lesser that the Maradona Cup objective was, in these circumstances it seemed central give a scene blow, appear whole, confident, secure, strong before the difficult excursions that come to Brazil, and of yapa to charge the local elimination of the other. Send a message to Palmeiras and Santos and another to the cousins, although not many of those who took the field last night are Cup holders.

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Boca has already reached the final of this tournament, which is always another possible star on the shield and flag (beware: the final has to be won), but perhaps it matters more than one of the prizes that was disputed with River, he kept it. And, although everything remains to be seen, River is in the middle of running out of anything in 72 hours.

How much what happened tonight affects River, I’ll tell you on Wednesday, after epic, miracles or logic.

And how Boca goes with Santos.


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