I’ll be at STB tomorrow morning at 6:00. I advise drivers and drivers to consult with a lawyer, not the union leader

The general mayor of the capital, Nicusor Dan, declared himself “quite optimistic” about the fact that the STB employees will resume their activity on Friday, mentioning that bailiffs will inform them of the court’s decision regarding the fact that the strike is illegal.

“I will be at STB tomorrow morning at 6.00. Tomorrow morning at 6.00, the bailiffs will leave STB for bus bases, depots. I am quite optimistic that we will not be in a situation of collective unconsciousness, maintaining the same openness to have a civilized dialogue, on everything that means problems in STB, with legitimate representatives, and not politics of the people there “, said Nicusor Dan, for TVR 1, according to Agerpres.

The mayor appealed to responsibility, but also to the “conservation spirit”, emphasizing that according to the court decision, STB employees must resume their activity. Those who do not do this are committing a crime, he added.

“We have a court decision, which said that this strike is illegal and said that the activity must be resumed. It is a court decision that can be appealed, but until then it is enforceable. If there are drivers and injured people looking at us, I advise them to consult with a lawyer, not the union leader, who lies to them and tells them that it is not enforceable until the appeal. (…) A bailiff, who has the role of communicating and enforcing the judgment, shall appear at the bus depot and shall formally notify that such enforceable judgment exists and that the person who fails to comply with it has individual. We are no longer in the context of this morning, in which some people were able to pretend that it is a spontaneous, individual protest “, the chief mayor specified.

Nicusor Dan mentioned that there were discussions, before the protest started, between the board of directors and the union leaders, and they requested the change of position of the general manager “without bringing arguments”. He contradicted claims that it was not a strike, but a spontaneous protest.

“It is a strike organized by the unions and we have all the evidence in this regard, which we have submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office. We have testimonies from people who wanted to get on the road this morning and were threatened by the union leader not to do so, as we have evidence with the same union leader who today, after the verdict, circulated from bus to bus to convince people that this court decision is not applicable – that is, to incite a court decision to fail to comply, ”he said.

The Bucharest Transport Company (STB) announced on Thursday evening that the personnel involved in the protest refuse to resume their activity, although the court ordered the suspension of the strike and that there is a possibility that this strike will continue on Friday.

“From the verifications carried out, it was found that the personnel involved in this illegal strike, which immobilized the Capital today, refuse to resume their activity. There is a possibility that this strike will continue tomorrow, the union leaders putting pressure on STB SA employees not to fulfill their work tasks. Disregarding the needs of Bucharest residents in the metropolitan area and knowingly ignoring a court decision can generate criminal cases for the staff involved in this action “, the company’s representatives point out in a press release.

Photo source: Ilona Andrei / G4Media.ro


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