If you want to learn video editing and voice input, it is very convenient for the elderly to learn. You are full of energy: come and teach us next time-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

If you want to learn video editing and voice input, it is very convenient for the elderly to learn. You are full of energy: come and teach us next time-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

If you want to learn video editing and voice input, it is very convenient for the elderly to learn. You are full of energy: come and teach us next time.

At the lecture site, volunteers teach the elderly to hail a taxi with a smartphone Photo by Lu Wenjuan

The Daily Business Daily reported that you need to use your mobile phone to hail a taxi and make an appointment to see a doctor… With the popularity of smart phones, everyone’s life is becoming more and more convenient. However, these seemingly simple mobile phone operations have become a “blocker” in the daily life of the elderly.

“Once I took my grandson and granddaughter to the Children’s Palace, and I waved for a taxi on the road, but the driver I met said that the mobile phone had already accepted the order, and we waited for a long time but didn’t get a call…” On August 29th, “West Lake A Aunt Yang shared her previous experience at the charity event “Help the Elderly”, expressing that she wished she had learned how to hail a taxi with a smartphone earlier.

On the same day, volunteers taught more than 30 elderly people present at the Jiahe Community Day Care Center about the aspects of “medical care, food, housing, transportation, and entertainment” to learn the common functions of smartphones, helping the elderly to bridge the digital divide and integrate into the community. In the digital age, enjoy the convenience brought by digital life better. It is worth mentioning that the old people present were keen to learn new skills, and they were full of praise for this special mobile phone teaching.

The elderly are very motivated to learn. The two functions of taking a taxi and registering are the most concerned

How to let the elderly enjoy digital life with a small mobile phone? Volunteers at the scene asked how to clean up mobile phone garbage and WeChat cache? How to make an appointment with a smartphone? How to use smartphones to hail taxis and other common functions are taught in detail. The old people are very motivated to learn. When volunteers talk about a new skill, they will take out their mobile phones and follow the volunteers to operate. Some even take notes in notebooks. “I’m afraid I’ll forget it as soon as I go back, so I have to write it down quickly, and I can teach my sisters when I go back!” Aunt Zhang wore reading glasses and wrote down the operation steps on the paper while comparing her mobile phone. Aunt Chen on the side regretted that she didn’t bring a pen, so she borrowed Aunt Zhang’s notes to take pictures and save them.

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Difficulty in taking a taxi has become a common problem in the daily life of the elderly. Therefore, the elderly are very interested in learning how to hail a taxi with a smartphone, and they will ask in time if they encounter any unclear questions during the operation. Especially in the practical part, the three volunteers present ran the whole field, answering questions for the elderly one-on-one. “Girl, I’ve written the places where I get on and off the bus, what should I do next?” Aunt Yang has suffered from the disadvantage of not being able to use her mobile phone to hail a taxi. . “I’ve always wanted to learn how to hail a taxi, and I figured it out today!” Aunt Yang said, so I don’t have to worry about not being able to get a taxi when I go out.

In addition, the elderly also showed strong interest in learning how to use mobile phones to make appointments and register. “It turns out that I can choose the doctor and time slot by myself at home, which is much more convenient than offline registration!” An auntie goes to the hospital regularly because of diabetes. . She told the reporter that this time she learned how to make an appointment and register with a mobile phone, and she will feel better when she sees a doctor in the future. During the medical treatment session, the volunteers also shared how to use the medical insurance card payment and other functions. “Great, I have always wanted to learn these functions, and I have learned them today!” All the elderly present said that they would like to participate in such a teaching lecture next time.

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Clip video, voice input function

New features make everyone feel convenient and fresh

Many old people want to embrace new things and play with mobile phones like young people. Luo Daiqing, director of Hangzhou Zaishuifang Senior Care Service Group (Jiahe Community Day Care Center), told reporters that the elderly are also eager to learn about the outside world through the Internet, but their memory and eyesight gradually decline as they get older, their learning efficiency is low, and they are embarrassed to disturb them. Children, it is not easy to figure it out on your own. Aunt Yang has a deep understanding: “I used to find children to teach, but they thought it would be faster to help me do it, but they couldn’t learn it all the time, and then they stopped looking for children!” She said that she had The two WeChat IDs will be sent to the “other self” as a backup whenever the content related to mobile phone usage skills is swiped, and then I will think about it according to the teaching.

However, there are also self-taught elderly people on the scene. The reporter noticed that two aunts were discussing the topic of stock trading. It turns out that they are old stockholders. Since they used their smartphones, they have been observing the stock market on their mobile phones and communicating through WeChat groups every day. “Hobbies can inspire the motivation to learn smartphones!” One of the aunts chatted with the volunteers, “I want to learn video editing next! Every time I see my sisters going out to play, they will post a lot of good-looking videos, especially Envious. Next time you come, can you teach us how to cut videos? This way we can record all the beautiful moments when we go out to play…”

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In addition, some elderly people raised the problems encountered in the use of mobile phones. “I like to travel. Sometimes I don’t know the specific route and distance of the place I want to go. I heard that I can see it on the map of my mobile phone, but I don’t know how to use it.” An uncle consulted the mobile phone navigation function. The volunteer next to him demonstrated it for him on the spot. After he learned how to operate it, he started to struggle again, “I can’t type, and I need to input the address for navigation.” For this reason, the volunteer also taught him to turn on the voice input function, and the uncle tried it on the spot , “How do I get to the subway entrance of the city station?” In less than three seconds, the location is automatically entered, and he thanked repeatedly: “Nowadays, smart phones are too powerful. I try to learn a new function every day, so that life will become more exciting. !”

Source: Daily Business Daily Author: Trainee reporter Shen Yan, reporter Wang Binbin, trainee reporter Lu Wenjuan, editor: Wang Hao


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