If you had Covid-19 and want to do EXERCISE again, this is what you should do: VIDEOS

The Covid-19 has left thousands of dead and hundreds of infections daily and can affect all types of people, although there are more vulnerable sectors, but also people who have decided to lead a fitness lifestyle.

Being a viral disease, the Covid It can infect anyone, which, if it tests positive, is likely to spend several days isolated and unable to perform any type of exercise, until it is out of danger.

When trying to get back to life fit and wanting to start doing new exercises, it is important to consider that we will not return as when we stopped doing it, because our body must adapt again to the movements, pesos Y tensions.

Therefore, for those people who have remained isolated from others and who wish to exercise again, specialists from the Sports Institute, the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of Mexico City (sect) and the Salvador Zubirn National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, designed a series of exercises that can people who have suffered Covid-19 and have already recovered.

Exercises for people who had Covid-19 are respiratory, in bed, sitting and even standing with variations of movements Y resistance.

Next we leave you the videos with each explanation of the exercise and its correct execution, which you can find on the YouTube from sect.


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