Ice hockey: All information about the DEL start with 15 teams

Finally ice hockey again. The fans are looking forward to the start of the DEL season and exciting scenes like this one on January 19, 2021: Marcel Müller (right) from the Kölner Haien meets Berlin goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger.

It’s back on the ice in Germany. The DEL season starts on Thursday (September 9, 2021) with the game Eisbären Berlin against RB Munich. What fans need to know before the DEL start can be found here.

Cologne. Hot on ice! Clubs, players, coaches and fans can hardly wait. From Thursday (September 9, 2021) the German ice hockey arenas will be filled with life again. Finally the mood in the stands at the fastest team sport in the world. Before the start, put together everything that fans need to know.

15 clubs compete to find the champion, with at least 420 games played. There is a lot of ice hockey live on MagentaSport. The event highlight of the season is the winter game on January 1, 2022 between the Kölner Haien and the Adler Mannheim. It remains to be seen how many spectators will then be allowed to enter Cologne’s Rhein-Energie-Stadion. The fact is: 6500 fans will be there at the start of the season in Berlin. At the first home game of the Kölner Haie against Grizzlys Wolfsburg on September 10th, 9,300 spectators can enter the Lanxess-Arena. In Krefeld there are up to 5000 in the first two games against the Düsseldorfer EG and the Haie. In the arenas, the 3G rule applies (recovered, vaccinated or tested).

DEL start: This is how many spectators are allowed in the ice hockey arenas

Depending on the location, 30 to 50 percent of the hall capacity may be used. Newcomer Bietigheim even won the prize and is allowed to occupy all 4,500 places in the hall. This is allowed in Baden-Württemberg. In any case, the clubs are well prepared for the season, and not just in terms of training: in the DEL, the vaccination rate is 90 percent.

If you can’t be in the stadium, you will find happiness at MagentaSport. On Thursdays from 7.15 p.m. there is the top game of the week. Then on Friday six games live and in the conference with expert Rick Goldmann. Then seven games on Sundays from 1:45 p.m. (Face-off times: 2 p.m., 4.30 p.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m.). “The Ice Hockey Show” will run as a live video format on Monday evening.

On Fridays, expert Goldmann comments with Basti Schwele. “We have been working together for ten years – so we know each other very well. While commenting or by his facial expressions, I can see when I can speak, i.e. when I can take over. We are 85 percent of the same opinion, the remaining 15 percent we listen to each other, “says Rick Goldmann about the collaboration. It starts on September 10th from the new conference studio. “This dynamic in the conference is of course unique. You always have to check which of the games is currently more energetic, more serious things happen. Something happens all the time in the conference that you can’t count on. “

“No other club has strengthened itself as well as Mannheim!”

Rick Goldmann (MagentaSport Expert)

The favorites for the title are clear: defending champion Berlin will have a say again, as will Munich and Mannheim. The Adler have brought in well-known reinforcements: National player Korbinian Holzer came from the Russian League (KHL). He is aggressive: “The title is the goal!” Magenta expert Goldmann believes: “No other club has strengthened itself as well as Mannheim!”

DEL: For the first time there is a relegated team again

Since 15 teams start the season, there is at least one relegation after the season, because the league wants to shrink back to 14 teams. Due to the corona pandemic, there was only one promoter with Bietigheim and no relegation in the past season. One team has to go down in the new season. And if Frankfurt is promoted from the DEL2, two teams will even have to go down. Another team from the DEL2 cannot and does not want to advance because the requirements of the DEL (including EUR 800,000 guarantee, venue with minimum standards) are not met. These clubs are in the new season:

  • Augsburg panther
  • Polar bears Berlin
  • Bietigheim Steelers
  • Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven
  • Düsseldorfer EG
  • ERC Ingolstadt
  • Iserlohn Roosters
  • Cologne Sharks
  • Krefeld penguins
  • Adler Mannheim
  • RB Munich
  • Nuremberg Icetigers
  • Straubing Tigers
  • Schwenninger Wild Wings
  • Grizzlys Wolfsburg

The teams play a double round (each four times against each other team). There will be an Olympic break from January 31 to February 20, 2022 (Winter Games in Beijing). The main round ends on March 27, 2022. Then the playoffs continue: The teams in places seven to ten play pre-playoffs in the best of three mode, the winners advance to the quarter-finals like the teams in places one to six. Best of five is played from the quarterfinals. The last final is scheduled for May 5, 2022.

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