IAA protests: Chaos on Odeonsplatz – Mercedes booth stormed and has to close

Things are turbulent in Munich. Numerous IAA protest actions have already taken place – there were massive police operations.

  • Demonstrators have announced that they want to “paralyze” the IAA in Munich on Friday (see original report, Friday, September 10th, 10:05 am).
  • The internationally known activist Carola Rackete takes part in the demonstrations in Karlstrasse (see updates from 1:31 p.m.).
  • Meanwhile, activists occupy Odeonsplatz (see update from 3:02 p.m.).

3:47 p.m .: Several activists have climbed onto the roof of the Mercedes Open Space. The police are also on the roof. The Mercedes stand has actually closed in the meantime.

Protesters on the roof of the Mercedes Open Space.

© Markus Götzfried

3:33 p.m .: The activists of the anti-IAA protests report another success. According to the action alliance “Sand in the Gears”, several hundred demonstrators took part in a sit-in on Odeonsplatz. The Mercedes Open Space is also located there. According to the activists, it had to close temporarily. Before that, some protesters stormed the stand. One had to be carried away by the police (see update from 3:02 pm).

IAA escalation: Awareness in the middle of protests – occupation on Odeonsplatz

3:02 p.m .: The situation on Odeonsplatz is becoming increasingly tense. Like a video that circulated on Twitter shows how activists blocked the “Open Space” of Mercedes. An activist is being carried away by police officers

2:52 p.m .: The activists have now started their first action in the city center. As can be seen on a Twitter video, the demonstrators have gathered there to block the square.

2.30 p.m .: The house in Karlstrasse, which was occupied by activists for a few hours, is evacuated by the police in these moments. Video journalist Michael Tremmer recorded the police intervention live on his Instagram account, at the end of the post you can see how the police then ask him to stop filming.

1:51 p.m .: The demonstration around the occupied house in Karlstrasse (see update below) comes to a standstill. As the Evening News reports, the police are currently on site with strong forces, the USK is therefore trying to get into the building.

IAA protests in Munich: houses probably occupied – Carola Rackete speaks out on site

1:31 p.m .: The political activist Carola Rackete is also currently in Karlstrasse, where, according to Staments Racketes, “two houses have been occupied”. The activist gained international fame as the captain of Sea Watch 3. “This year, the IAA started with the slogan ‘Open Spaces’ and wanted to exhibit in downtown Munich as well. We are implementing how it works, and here two vacant houses have been occupied, ”Rackete said in a statement on Twitter.

Protesters block parts of Odeonsplatz, police officers stand by.

© private

1:16 p.m .: The demo train, which started almost an hour ago at Theresienwiese, is currently on the move in the city. The police then had to intervene again in Karlstrasse. Activists had rolled out banners on a house and set fire to Bengalos. The police used pepper spray and batons to keep the demonstrators in the fence. The activists speak on their Twitter accounts that Karlstrasse 20 is currently “occupied”.

1:04 p.m .: As the press spokeswoman for the activists of “Sand im Getriebe” explained to Merkur.de, the blockade on the A94 at the level of the exhibition center has been lifted.

12.44 p.m .: Now a first company became a concrete target of the demonstrators. Later in the morning, the activists targeted the Bosch plant in Berg am Laim. Photos on Twitter show people hooded in black with pyrotechnics on a roof at the entrance to the plant, which is threatened with closure.

Anti-IAA-Proteste am Bosch-Werk in Berg am Laim.

© Twitter

12.13 p.m .: The campaign alliance “Sand in the gears” reports in a press release that a small group is currently blocking a section of the A94. As a result, drivers may have to reckon with disabilities again. Exact details are not yet known. The so-called “Blue Lane”, which connects the exhibition grounds with the city center, is apparently affected. On Twitter you can read about a “small group campaign in solidarity with the people in custody”.

11:57 a.m .: A Twitter video by the “Smash IAA” activists shows a spontaneous “visit” to the grounds on Königsplatz.

Officials also use batons – alliance spokeswoman speaks of a “scandal”

11.43 a.m .: With regard to the heated scenes at Theresienwiese (see update from 10:53 a.m.), a police spokesman said: Around 100 demonstrators tried to break through a police cordon around 9:30 a.m. To prevent this, batons and pepper spray were also used. Several people had complained of puffy eyes afterwards, reports the Bavarian Broadcasting.

Liv Roth, spokeswoman for the alliance “… ums alles!” Described the procedure as a scandal in a press release: “While the drivers of the climate crisis are preparing a state reception, climate activists are being countered with massive police violence. The police approve of serious injuries

11.30 a.m .: In the meantime the approved demonstration march has started. A helicopter is also used to observe the events from the air.

11.13 a.m .: City councilors and members of the state parliament of the Greens are on site to accompany the protests. Among other things, the deputy parliamentary group leader Dominik Krause. Meanwhile, the police have issued a ban on masking. Only FFP2 and other medical masks are allowed for participants. Scarves or balaclavas are not allowed.

IAA protests in Munich: Police use pepper spray – numerous impairments

11.10 a.m .: The MVG warns that public transport will be impaired until at least 12 noon due to protests. The tram lines 16, 17, 20, 21, 27 and 28 as well as the bus lines 58, 62, 68 and 100 are affected.

Police officers and demonstrators clashed at Theresienwiese.

© dpa / Peter Kneffel

Update from September 10, 10:53 a.m.: The situation on Theresienwiese is quite tense, police officers also used tear gas and batons to push the demonstrators back. Apparently because activists had left previously announced protest routes.

Violent protests against the IAA in Munich: helicopter circled over Theresienwiese

Original report, Friday, September 10, 10:05 a.m .:

Munich – In Munich there are again protests against the IAA mobile fair. The police are on site with a large contingent, a helicopter hovers over the Theresienwiese on Friday morning. At around 10 am, numerous demonstrators gathered around the “climate camp” there. Numerous emergency services accompany the rally.

The plan was formulated beforehand to “paralyze the IAA” on Friday. Looking at the meeting on the Theresienwiese, a passer-by says: “There are more police officers than at the Oktoberfest.” On-site observers describe the atmosphere on site as “relaxed”, even though there were isolated scuffles between the demonstrators and the police.

Violent protests against the IAA in Munich: busy days for the police are looming

Police chief Thomas Hampel was relaxed in the run-up to the announced protests: “We are flexible”. The weekend is also likely to be work-intensive for the officials: a bike rally including a large demonstration (also on the Theresienwiese) is planned for Saturday; up to 40,000 participants are expected.

Some activists who roped off freeway bridges at the start of the IAA have already felt that the police are not afraid to take tough action. Five of those arrested do not reveal their identities. You will remain in custody until Sunday. Preventive and by judicial decision. It makes it possible controversial Police Task Act (PAG)*. * Merkur.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Header list image: © Markus Götzfried

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