“I was subjected to cruelty”.. Angham’s most prominent statements with Anas Bukhash.. “Video”

“I was subjected to cruelty”.. Angham’s most prominent statements with Anas Bukhash.. “Video”

The artist, Angham, topped the scene on social media after she was a guest on the “abtalk” program presented by the journalist Anas Bukhas, through which she revealed many exciting details about her private and artistic life, so we monitor her most prominent statements in the following report.

The most prominent statements of Angham with Anas Bukhash

And I spoke melodies During her meeting with the “ABtalk” program, she faced many difficulties in her life, especially during her childhood, explaining that she was subjected to cruelty, as she began to learn music at the age of 6, describing: I was playing the piano and my hands would die of cold.

She added, “My family was not a happy family, and I removed things from early days that I did not want to remove, because my parents and mother got married when they were young, and part of the suffering, in my opinion, is that you bring a child to children.”

And she added: “They themselves did not know what they wanted, and I never forget the first time my father extended his hand to my mother. I loved my father hysterically in my childhood, thinking that I was stuck in the wall and refused to greet him while he was outside while he was in labor, and I was very upset with my mother, and since then I saw him.” Another person, and the person who gets stuck in his neck, I felt that I did not want to do that again, and since then I did not do that again, and I am comfortable.”

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And Angham continued, that she did not intend to have a dispute between her and her sister, but rather many tried to harden her heart, noting that her death was one of the most difficult situations that she was exposed to, describing it as the most difficult moments of her life, a very big and cruel blow.

And she added: «It was a very harsh situation. And between them 16 years.

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