I sold it as ‘Fire Ball Candy’… Did you know that erectile dysfunction treatment

A group of people who advertised and sold candies containing ingredients to treat erectile dysfunction, which should not be used as food ingredients, as ‘yeolgong candy’ for test takers were caught.

<오! 클릭> The third search term is the reality of the candidate ‘yeolgong candy’.

Busan Customs announced today (20th), “We have booked two men in their 40s, including Mr. A, without detention on charges of violating the Customs Act and the Special Act on Imported Food Safety.

They are suspected of manufacturing 170,000 candies containing erectile dysfunction treatment ingredients, such as ‘demethyltadalafil’ and the herbal medicine ‘Sweep Yang’, in Malaysia from 2019 to January last year, and then tricking them into importing them into Korea and selling them like regular candy.

The candy was sold at about 10,000 won each at adult supply stores and online shopping malls, but customs said, “They advertised this candy as an energy candy, a sexual function supplement, etc., as well as a ‘heat-gap candy’ that acts as a stimulant to keep you from sleeping and help you recover from fatigue. We tried to sell it to students under the name ‘.”

Netizens commented, “Those who cheat with food should be severely punished!” “It’s even more unforgivable to advertise it as for students. Where has your conscience gone?”



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