“I quit 12 years ago when I had mononucleosis”

It took Roger Federer six years to complete a career grand slam, win the elusive Roland Garros trophy in 2009 and complete the collection. Following consecutive quarter-finals at Roland Garros and Wimbledon in 2001, Federer became a key contender for the next few years, still at the age of 19.

Roger slowed down a little on the main scene and waited two years to show his best tennis again. The Swiss won his first major title at Wimbledon in 2003 and took the trophy at his beloved event, where he celebrated him as a junior five years earlier.

After an early exit from the US Open, Roger took the Masters Cup crown and finished the year in second place behind Andy Roddick, hoping for an even stronger 2004. After breaking up with Peter Lundgren to travel to Australia, Federer was one Player to watch in Melbourne and used a favorable draw to reach the fourth round.

Things got serious there, but Roger was up to any challenge and defeated Lleyton Hewitt and David Nalbandian in the first semifinals of the Australian Open. With these points, Roger remained a victory to become number one in the world against Juan Carlos Ferrero in the battle for the final.

Apart from that, Federer delivered a reliable performance to defeat the Spaniard 6: 4, 6: 1, 6: 4 in an hour and a half, reached the second major final and joined the exclusive list of No.

1 player. It was his seventh meeting and Federer’s fourth victory that he never missed his serve and increased the pressure on the other side of the net. Ferrero gave up his serve four times, did his best in sets one and three, but ended his run in the semifinals.

Federer wants to master a new instrument

Roger Federer was recently interviewed by Schweizer Illustrierte. Federer announced that he would like to master a new instrument, possibly the saxophone.

He also hopes to learn to ski and dive, although he is “a little scaredy”. “I would like to learn a new instrument again. I used to play the piano, now I want to play the saxophone,” he said.

“I would also like to learn to ski in deep snow. I never could, and then I stopped 12 years ago when I had mononucleosis. Now I want to seriously try again. I would also like to try my hand at snowboarding. I love diving. But to be honest, I’m a bit of a scared cat. ”

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