I need a street… See a plane stuck under a bridge

A shocking video has spread on social media of an Air India plane stuck under a bridge and cannot be moved.

The 40-second video clip shows a plane stuck under a pedestrian bridge on the Delhi-Gurugram highway near Delhi airport.

The incident left social media users stunned, and many users around the world began sharing photos under sarcastic comments such as: “She needs a package.”

This prompted Air India to issue an official statement to clarify the truth of the story.

The Indian airline said the plane had been sold and its new owner was transporting it when it got stuck under the bridge.

According to an Air India official, the old planes are periodically sold, adding that the ground transportation is the responsibility of the new buyer and the airline has nothing to do with the accident.

An official told IANS: “This is an Air India registered canceled aircraft that has been sold, and the company has absolutely nothing to do with the plane under any circumstances.”

Authorities also revealed that prior to its transfer, the wings and other key avionics ads were removed from the fuselage.


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