I have already decided, leave him alone, 3 months to go! Castrovilli… ”- SOS Fanta

on 10 October 2021 at 09:45

The Vlahovic case, Castrovilli, Torreira and more. Vincenzo Italiano, Fiorentina coach, talks about himself in an exclusive interview with Corriere dello Sport this morning. Here are some of the main steps.

CASO VLAHOVIC – He still has a two-year contract. He is a serious professional. He will give everything for Fiorentina. How will I manage it? I already believe: I believe that when he has to go out on the pitch and push hard he will, always. I hope non-football problems will not interfere. And I stop here. Now talk about how to replace it, with the market in three months (therefore refers to January, ed), it makes little sense. We have Kokorin and we have to try to get the most out of it, because in that area of ​​the pitch he and Vlahovic are our couple. Even if in some matches other solutions can be found ”.

FIORENTINA – “I found an environment determined to improve. Just like I want to improve myself season after season. We felt in tune, from this point of view. I felt the players’ availability towards me, an indispensable ingredient. It seems to me that all this is gradually coming together into an interesting picture. It being understood that we are talking about a young team ”.

TOWER AND ODRIOZOLA – “They arrived quite early, actually. We needed a right winger and the dynamism and quality of someone like Torreira. Now I have a bit of crowding in midfield, but I’m certainly not complaining. It’s up to me to mix the features. Matches change like this ”.

AMRABAT – “Amrabat is very strong physically and in the pressure on the opponent. If it improves in the last step and in the choices it becomes decisive “.

CASTROVILLI – “What happen? Castrovilli has unique qualities and the ball and chain makes the difference, I tell him all the time. A little ‘injuries interfere, a little’ the aftermath of the European Championship, a little ‘the distance between one player and another. But on balance this is a team that has a reserve of resources yet to be explored ”.


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