“I had a relationship with a Real Madrid player”

The expected moment has arrived. Jorge Javier Vazquez He was once again in command of a ‘prime time’ program that promises great success and surprises. ‘Secret Story’ reminds the mythical ‘GH Vip’ but goes much further: coexistence will be tarnished with unspeakable secrets who will be the culprits of the contestants losing or winning 50 thousand euros! A succulent prize and many enemies along the way… Will the secrets between the family and friends of the participants raise blisters?

One of the most shocking intrigues that have been revealed directly involves a Real Madrid player. “I had a relationship with a Real Madrid player”, assures one of the secrets of a participant. We do not know who this statement belongs to, but it will surely cause more than one headache. Will the person involved reveal who is the player in question?

More unspeakable secrets

In the days before the premiere of ‘Secret Story’ Mediaset has been launching several of the secrets, some very shocking. “I am a lover of a presenter”, “I have scammed my family” O “I steal my lovers’ underwear” are some of those that have most impacted the chain’s collaborators. Who will they belong to?

Lucía Pariente, Canales Rivera, Edmundo Arrocet, Luca Onestini, Sofía Cristo, Julen Guerrero and Luis Rollán They are the first seven contestants that ‘Secret Story’ had already confirmed before the premiere on Thursday. There were still nine other contestants to know and many secrets to reveal …

Who will win the 50 thousand euros as the best discoverer of secrets, and the other 50 thousand for the most elusive contestant?

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