“I didn’t want to rush anything with a beautiful Bündner”

Lucas often spends time in the canton of Graubünden. No wonder, all of a sudden he only has eyes for a handsome Graubünden man. Here comes the next blog.

the essentials in brief

  • Lucas (early 20s) lives in the city and calls himself a top-class dreamer.
  • Straight out of it, he gives an insight into the extremes of Generation Z and the LGBTQIA + world.

Graubünden is the best. I love the “Eastern Bloc of Switzerland” for its picturesque landscapes, the huge ski areas and, above all, for the relaxed residents. “Patgific”, say the Graubünden people, when everything is peaceful and cozy. The way it should be.

That’s why my friends and I often go to the mountain canton on days off – to relax and flex. Cauma and Cresta lakes, Davos and St. Moritz have always been well received in my Instagram stories. Generation Z sends its regards.

I also like to go horse riding in Graubünden – on horses of course. I met Andrin there. While I was shopping in the fashion outlet in Landquart, I noticed the Grindr profile of the handsome, million dollar smile guy.

Our chat was instantly a match. Andrin wrote back quickly, complimenting me on the beginning and asking question after question – that’s just how I like it.

He would have loved to invite me for a drink in his favorite bar in Chur today, he writes to me. Apart from the fact that I had an appointment with my parents that evening, I didn’t want to rush anything with this beautiful Grisons man.

Photos make things more interesting – and messier

To keep him hooked, I gave my Instagram and Snapchat usernames. Sending photos and texts to each other is better than just exchanging messages, I think. It definitely makes things more interesting – and nastier too.

Of course it is exhausting every now and then to take beautiful selfies of yourself every day. But there are various filters that can save your day, but I’m not a fan of that. I prefer it real.

Everything just fit with Andrin. We had a lot in common. We both love parties in the city and trips to the mountains. Spending time with friends was important to us. And he had a few special plants at home that I would have liked to smoke.

Andrin also often worked in Zurich and lived in Graubünden – but the move to Switzerland’s largest city was already planned. The wedding was not yet in my mind, but the engagement was definitely imminent. I tried, of course, not to let it show.

Romance with weed farmer Andrin

After two weeks of daily contact, this time I took the initiative. I asked him if his favorite bar was open on Friday. Naturally. So we agreed and I was happy like a little kid.

As a 19-year-old I hadn’t experienced as much romance as all Hollywood films always showed me – but they were only for straight people. A little tip: You can find the most beautiful and best gay love stories on Wattpad. You might even read my fictional story that I wrote a long time ago – xoxo4life.

Back to my Bündner: Friday came quickly and with it the day on which I met Andrin. When I got on the train to Chur, it was pouring rain outside. So that he knew that I was on the way, I sent him a photo via Snapchat. Finally he wanted to pick me up at the train station. Less than a minute later my iPhone sounds. Andrin writes: “It’s raining so hard that the bar isn’t fun. Don’t you want to come to me after all? “

I was already slightly disappointed and wrote back that I would have liked to have had a drink with him. However, he assured me that he could mix any drink for me at home. Challenge accepted, I thought and was happy to soon arrive in Chur.

But for that I need part 2.

Until next time – cya.

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