I collapse after singing, Hunziker’s beautiful gesture


Moving moment during the sixth episode of the game show: this is how the Swiss took care of the competitor in difficulty

During the sixth episode of “All Together Now”, music show aired on Channel 5 in the early evening, the hostess Michelle Hunziker was the protagonist of a truly touching moment following the performance of one of the competitors, Carola Campagna. Here’s what happened to the latter and how the Swiss presenter consoled her, revealing that she had lived experiences similar to hers.

Carola Campagna is one of the competitors of the fourth edition of “All Together Now”. The 24-year-old originally from the province of Monza fights a personal war with anxiety on a daily basis, which has been oppressing her for years. Carola performed on the notes of “Never Enough”, song that is part of the soundtrack of “The Greatest Showman”. Also this time the crystalline voice of the girl was able to excite the audience.

Carola finished the performance in tears, visibly moved perhaps also because of the thunderous applause dedicated to her, hardly singing the last notes. At this point Michelle Hunziker arrived next to her to whom the 24-year-old, trembling, said: “I have a technical problem, I no longer feel my hands”. The 44-year-old host showed great empathy, shaking her hand and asking the production for a glass of water for her. The budding singer, once a bottle of water arrived, said she couldn’t even pick it up. precisely because of the tremor in the hands.

Hunziker did so show off her great maternal instinct by helping her to drink in small sips anyway, holding her bottle. Once calmed down, the Campaign apologized for the small unexpected event, blaming the great emotion. Michelle, who never stopped shaking her hand, praised her saying:

“What you are doing here is amazing, really. You express your entire inner world when you sing. I don’t know what you went through in life but something really made you suffer a lot. But you are on a fantastic journey because you are really expressing your whole self. Even during the rehearsals you said that you have almost freed your soul ”.

Carola confirmed by saying that even during rehearsals she was overwhelmed by emotions, really “Falling to the ground”. Hunziker then asked her how she feels while performing, and the girl replied:

“As if everything were reset. As if I had abandoned myself here and found myself here. I am of the opinion that certain things cannot be described in words because words are obvious and superfluous. I am finding myself. I waited 6 years to meet again and I am happy, relieved ”.

Hunziker reassured the girl by telling her that panic attacks are very common in this millennium. Plus he confessed to having she too suffered from problems of this kind. Asking the audience, moved, applause and support for the girl then dismissed her, telling her that he deserves all the affection in the world. Also Rita Pavone, sworn together with J-Ax, Anna Tatangelo and Francesco Renga, recently in the spotlight for her clash with competitor Michelle Perera, he said of praise the singer why “Takes the soul”, claiming to be a fan of hers.


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