I asked if I could overtake, they confirmed

A serious scandal broke out in the Haas team after the first segment of the qualification for the Grand Prix of the Netherlands. Nikita Mazepin was convinced that his teammate Mick Schumacher had deliberately prevented him from making his last appearance on the track in Q1. Sebastian Vettel was also injured in the push between them. The Aston Martin pilot stormed the much slower Haas with serious speed and barely escaped impact. This also ruined his opportunity for another quick tour.

Mazepin stepped out of the pit lane in front of Schumacher. However, Mick was instructed that he could overtake his teammate if he wanted to. He did so. The Russian did not know about it.

“I thought Mick wasn’t allowed to overtake me. This is not good, you said that he was not allowed to overtake me “, was Mazepin’s reaction

He started to regain his position on the track relative to his teammate. While this was happening, Vettel caught up with them. Mazepin never managed to pass Mick Schumacher.

“I should have been first on the track. To dictate the pace in the warm-up lap, and your teammate not to overtake you. Then this happened. He passed me a second time and slowed me down. I’ll talk to the team to find out why it happened, “was a slightly calmer comment from Mazepin, who had said earlier that Schumacher had fucked him.

According to witnesses in the pitlane, the Russian was literally furious, returning to the box.

Mick Schumacher wanted to make a faster warm-up lap and asked the team if he could overtake Mazepin

“I went through a pit lane, my tires cooled down and in general in such cases I do a faster warm-up tour. Nikita was in a slow lap. So I asked if I could get ahead of him and got a confirmation, so I did. And early enough. I think Lando [Норис] was between us and I definitely don’t understand the confusion in the last turn. It obviously affected us all. I apologized to Sebastian. He is the last person I want to stand in, “he explained.

The stewards looked at the situation after the qualification and decided that they did not need to take any further action. At the hearing, Vettel said there were “too many cars in the same place.” At least 6 cars gathered at the end of the track and prepared fast laps, all moving at low speed – some with less than 50 km / h. Vettel attacked them at 240 km / h.

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