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“I arrived at the hospital after an hour”…The first death in her 60s at home treatment

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A man in his 60s who was being treated at home after being diagnosed with COVID-19 died of cardiac arrest.

When symptoms appeared, I called 911, but arrived at the hospital an hour later, and the symptoms worsened and eventually died.

First of all, reporter Kim A-young will tell you.

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A 68-year-old male who was confirmed with COVID-19 two days ago.

He had not been vaccinated and had symptoms of shortness of breath a week ago, but on the day of confirmation, there were no symptoms or underlying diseases, so he chose home treatment.

[서대문구 관계자(음성변조)]

“Since you are an elderly person, we now recommend a facility rather than home treatment, but you said that you would now stay at home…”

However, at dawn yesterday, his energy suddenly decreased, and at around 6:50 am, Mr. A’s wife called 911.

The general ambulance arrived at 7:05, but did not move Mr. A to the hospital right away.

The fire department explained that Mr. A had to be transferred to an ambulance dedicated to COVID-19 with a special film inside, not a general ambulance because he was a confirmed patient.

The dedicated ambulance team did the ‘lapping’ work to cover the special film and arrived at 7:30.

At this time, A had already reached cardiac arrest.

After that, Mr. A was taken to the hospital around 8:05 and died at 9:30.

However, some serious confusion was discovered in the course of Mr. A’s death.

The fire department, who received the report first, mistakenly misunderstood Mr. A as a simple self-quarantine rather than a home healer.

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[소방 관계자(음성변조)]

“Since he wasn’t seriously ill, he said, ‘I can wrap (with film) and come out,’ so I rapping and as soon as I arrived at the scene, this person suffered a cardiac arrest.”

The fire department also had to contact the Central Accident Response Headquarters to get a hospital and a bed quickly, but it is known that it took time to allocate a bed.

[서순탁 / 서울소방재난본부 재난대응과장]

“We have to give our crews a time to select a hospital as soon as possible, but I didn’t get a call, so I waited…”

In response, the Central Accident Management Headquarters explained that home therapists are required to contact a designated hospital, but the confusion was caused by the wife of Mr.

[이기일 / 중앙재난안전대책본부 제1통제관]

“I’m telling you (the home therapist) to inform you of the hospital and contact them there. But I didn’t get a call from that person, and I probably got a call from 911 all of a sudden…”

In the end, it seems that the agile information sharing and response system between institutions was insufficient when home therapists were in an emergency situation.

This is Ayoung Kim from MBC News.

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