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I am | Karen Schwarz tested positive for COVID-19: “Despite having complied with the protocols, I was infected”

by drbyos

Adolfo Aguilar had to give sad news at the beginning “I am: great battles, great celebrities.” The television host revealed that Karen Black tested positive COVID-19 and, for that reason, it will not be present in the editions of the program to prevent the spread of the virus.

After announcing that she is in quarantine at home, the model contacted to tell how she was infected.

“It could happen to anyone, it happened to me, despite having complied with everything and this cursed virus came at this point in our lives,” he said. Karen Black.

Although Adolfo Aguilar was concerned about his partner’s health, she reassured him by commenting that she is stable: “I’m fine, my family is calm, my husband is supporting me.”

In addition, Karen Black greeted the production team of “I am”, He thanked him for their support: “I want to embrace the Latina team from a distance and I want to tell them that we must continue to entertain,” he said. “I am at home taking care of myself and all my family as well.”

Impersonators of “I am” infected with COVID-19

The Peruvian impersonator of Gilberto Santa Rosa from “I am”, Raúl Gutiérrez, revealed through his social networks that he contracted COVID-19 and for that reason he will not participate in this season of the program.

Through a live video, the singer said that he felt discomfort for a few days and, after his suspicions, decided to take a swab test, which confirmed that he tested positive for the disease.

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“During the weekend before, I had been experiencing body aches, headaches and a complicated cough. I had a swab showing positive for COVID, I am diagnosed and I am taking medicine ”, he began in the video.

In addition, Ytalo Faijó, the singer who became known for his imitation of Joe arroyo in the program “I am”, He announced that he managed to overcome the new coronavirus after being hospitalized for 45 days in a local clinic.


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