“I almost got run over”

In 1981, in an interview with People magazine, Tina Turner revealed for the first time to have been victim of domestic violence from her ex-husband Ike Turner. In the unpublished documentary TINA, broadcast this Thursday, September 9 from 9 p.m. on the new encrypted channel Canal + Docs, in which she reconsiders her abandonment by her mother Zelma Bullock, the one who has bids farewell to media life also confides on the moment when she left and fled her companion then after yet another rain of blows.

The facts take place in 1976, in Dallas in Texas where the two artists, known under the name Ike and Tina Turner, must perform on stage. On the way to the Hilton hotel, the mom of four (dont Craig, who committed suicide in 2018) gets the slap too many. She retaliates and responds to the singer, who died in 2007, who then lashes out on her. “Disfigured” and bleeding, Tina Turner then decides to run away while her partner has fallen asleep. She will go to another hotel, where the manager will put her in a room when she has only a few cents on her, before contacting a lawyer friend who will organize her escape by car and plane. By taking the powder from the Dallas Hilton, however, she will miss being run over as she crosses a freeway on foot. “Of course, I have horrible memories of it because I almost got run over,” she recalls in front of the cameras. “I did not have clear ideas, obviously. (…)

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