I agree with me to go out and say I took my needs from the respected person.. and the cases are still working

I agree with me to go out and say I took my needs from the respected person.. and the cases are still working

Thursday 07/September/2023 – 09:42 PM

revealed Reem Tariq، The free festival singer, Hassan Shakoush, behind the scenes of the details of her apology video, which the latter published after the end of the differences between them, stressing that the cases filed by the two parties are still standing.

Reem Tariq, the ex-wife of Hassan Shakoush, said in Live, through her personal account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, that her ex-husband’s uncle intervened to solve this crisis, confirming that this video was by agreement, as she explained: Uncle Hassan Shakoush intervened between us, and told me when you take your right, you will come out and tell me. I took my needs from the respected person.

And Reem Tariq, Hassan Shakoush’s wife, added: The agreement between us, Hassan and I, each one makes a video, and I am the only one who worked and the agreement is still not sincere.

And Reem Tariq continued: Praise be to God, the problems have ended to some extent, meaning, and he is respectful because he condemned my needs in the house because I did not know how to take my needs, and he is a respectable person because he kept my needs for 5 months with him at home, and I was the one who was deprived of my right, and thank God I took it. Because this was the most painful thing for me, not the material.

Regarding the cases filed in the court by both parties, Reem Tariq confirmed that the cases are still standing in the courts, and it is assumed that the two parties will waive them during the coming period, adding: I was relieved that I knew to reach a solution and it was something impossible that I knew I would enter this house again, but thank God.

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Reem Tariq via Live on Instagram

Reem Tariq apologizes to Hassan Shakoush..and the latter responds

In the same context, Hassan Shakoush published a video through his personal account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, a video of his ex-wife, Reem Tariq, apologizing to him through it, and Reem said in the video: Praise be to God .. I took all my legal rights from Hassan, and thank God I turned out to be a good person. And he is also a good person, and a respectable man, and all that happened was a misunderstanding and interference from more than one party, and anyone whose biography came in the matter, whether from his family, my family, or his mother, their right is on my head and everything is divided and shared.

Hassan Shakoush commented on Reem Tariq’s apology video, saying: First of all, I thank you, Reem, for the word of truth that you said about me now, and you mentioned that you saw nothing but good from me, and I accept your apology for what you said, and I did not have any reaction in front of people, and it was not from my upbringing that I defame people’s daughters even if he responded to words that hurt me or offended me .

And he added: Although this affected me psychologically, my family, and everyone around me, and I met your apology, and God forgave what preceded, and the forgiver is generous, and I wish you all the best in your life and I will always see you well.


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