Hyundai opened a new plant in Russia

Hyundai has announced the opening of a new car engine plant in St. Petersburg. Other factories that make motors are located in Korea, China and Mexico.

Mass production of the engines will begin in early October 2021. During the first year of operation, Hyundai Via Rus plans to produce 240 thousand engines and further increase production to 330 thousand engines per year with a three-shift work schedule.

In 2021, the plant will produce 1.6-liter Gamma internal combustion engines, and from the end of 2022, also 2-liter Nu engines. The engines will be installed on Hyundai Solaris, Hyundai Creta, Kia Rio and Kia Rio X cars.

The Hyundai WIA engine plant is expected to create more than 500 jobs. The volume of investments in the enterprise amounted to 15.8 billion rubles. Hyundai said that when the plant reaches full production capacity, Hyundai WIA will become the largest manufacturer of foreign brand engines in Russia.

Earlier it became known that in August 2021, the Russian car market fell by 17% (23 387 cars were sold less compared to August last year). Sales amounted to 114,130 vehicles. The last time the indicators were worse only in May 2020.

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