Hurricane in Istanbul today, roofs open and collapses: 4 dead. VIDEO

A strong hurricane hit Istanbul in Turkey killing at least 4 people, including a child. Another 19 were injured by the south wind, called “Lodos” in Turkish, which swept away the roofs of some buildings, overturned parked vehicles and knocked down a clock tower which, as it fell, touched a speeding car. Two of the victims, a mother and a child, were crushed under the debris of a roof that had detached from the house next to which they were walking. Civil protection has urged the population not to leave their homes if it is not necessary. The gusts recorded in the afternoon in some districts of the city on the Bosphorus reached 130 km per hour.

Istanbul the city most affected by the hurricane

In the next few hours the weather conditions are expected to worsen from the evening and for a few more days. Istanbul was the most affected city but strong winds and torrential rains were also recorded in other areas of the country, especially in the city of Smyrna, on the Aegean coast, and in Antalya, in southern Turkey.



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