Hundreds of trucks stuck on the border of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan (video)

Truckers need to pay extra to pass the checkpoint faster than others.


Hundreds of trucks got stuck at the customs post in the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan (border with Uzbekistan), informs

Truckers are forced to stand in line for days. They need to pay extra to pass the checkpoint faster than others.

On the highway near the Kazygurt checkpoint, a multi-kilometer traffic jam of trucks stretched. Truck drivers with goods are trying to get into Uzbekistan. But they are forced to stand idle on Kazakhstani territory for days, the message says.

One of the truckers said that in a day he advanced only 200 m. Drivers cannot leave, as the cars start moving forward at any moment.

The accumulation of heavy trucks occurred due to reconstruction work at the Kaplanbek post. The traffic was redirected to three other points. Two of them are partially functional. Therefore, they are overloaded, and there are constant traffic jams.

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