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Humberto tackles Baudet with a powerful statement after AIDS speech

by drbyos

The presenter opens the show with the words that he has long doubted whether he should pay attention to these statements by Thierry Baudet. “But it touches me personally. So let’s look at the words of Forum for Democracy leader Thierry Baudet said this weekend.” Thierry’s statement that AIDS ‘doesn’t exist for ‘white’ heterosexuals’ can be seen below.

“Good, so according to Baudet, the risk of getting AIDS would be negligible for, as he says, white straight men,” continues Humberto. “I can get figures from the AIDS fund and show that what he says is colder, but that’s not what it’s about. After the Nazi apps, which split his party, lying about girlfriends who allegedly attacked the train and recently about the holocaust, which he put in quotes, as if it didn’t really exist, he now comes up with a story that should underline the superiority of white, straight men.”

That is what Baudet is about, says Humberto, and the presenter is not yet ready with his statement. “Mark Rutte’s brothers. Eberhard van der Laan’s brother. My brother. All three died of the consequences of AIDS, just like so many men and women who have died of AIDS. But Baudet finds it necessary to downplay all that suffering and to cover it with a racist, homophobic sauce. (…) Baudet, thank you.”

Humberto is broadcasted every Sunday at 9.30 pm on RTL 4. Watch the episode here back.

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