Hülkenberg’s Formula 1 career seems to have come to an end: “No talks with Alfa Romeo”

Jan Bolscher

Friday, September 10, 2021 10:38 AM – Last update: 10:38 AM

‘s Formula 1 career Nico Hulkenberg seems to have come to an end. The 34-year-old driver said earlier this year that if he does not have a seat in 2022, he will end it. Now the routine tells that no conversations are being held with Alfa Romeo, the last team with an unforgivable seat.

Hulkenberg lost his seat at the end of 2019 at Renault at Esteban Ocon. He was not picked up by any of the other formations, leaving him to watch the 2020 season from the sidelines. However, ‘The Hulk’ did not stay out of the picture for long. He replaced Aston Martin at both Silverstone and the Nürburgring, after positive corona tests for Lance Stroll on Sergio Perez. Hulkenberg achieved good results and a definitive comeback seemed a matter of time, but he also missed the mark for the 2021 season. He did become reserve driver at Aston Martin.

Chapter closed

“If it doesn’t work before 2022, the chapter is closed,” he said earlier this year. Meanwhile, the chances for next season have also been lost. Alfa Romeo is the only team with a seat in circulation, but Hulkenberg is not on the list of candidates: “There are no talks with Alfa Romeo”, it says opposite image. “That was my last chance at a fixed seat before 2022, all other cockpits are already gone.”

New challenges

Hülkenberg does not yet know what the future will look like. He does, however, hold his head high: “Life goes on. I’ve had interesting conversations about challenges in other racing classes, but I’m in no rush to make a decision. I want to get everything sorted first and then we’ll see how it goes.” runs.”


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