Hugo Pollo Carvajal: The ‘Pollo Carvajal’, arrested in Madrid: Hugo Carvajal was the head of the secret services in Venezuela

La National Police he has arrested in Madrid to the former Venezuelan general Hugo Carvajal, known as the ‘Chicken Carvajal’, who was a fugitive from Justice and wanted for his extradition to the United States (is claimed by a drug trafficking crime).

Hugo Pollo Carvajal, arrested in Madrid

According to the National Police itself the ‘Pollo Carvajal’ “lived totally cloistered, without going outside or looking out the window, and always protected by trusted people”.

The arrest of Hugo ‘The Chicken’ Carvajal, what was head of the Venezuelan secret services in the governments of Hugo Chvez and Nicols Maduro, occurred on Thursday night in Madrid.


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