Huggy Wuggy, the soft toy that terrorizes your children

The character from a horror video game is the star of the playground.

With his long simian arms, his small round eyes close together and his huge mouth highlighting razor blade teeth, Huggy Wuggy, new darling of the playgrounds, has something to scare. The stuffed animals with his effigy are however at the heart of all desires: we find them in toy stores, in funfairs, online, of course, and especially in the schoolbags of our children and in the playgrounds.

The phenomenon goes beyond the Belgian borders. In the United Kingdom, schools have alerted parents to the dangers surrounding this fashion.

But where does this character come from? Huggy Wuggy has its origins in Poppy Playtime, a horror video game for adults that has been a resounding success thanks in particular to TikTok videos that have gone viral. In these videos, Huggy Wuggy sings songs with extremely violent lyrics.

“In videos, Huggy Wuggy threatens to kill viewers. He sings them a song in which he invites children to hug him to death and explains that he has sharp teeth that will bleed them. He threatens to kill them. chase and find them wherever they go. He’s a horror movie character who has no place in the world of children”warns Lizette Anguiano, neuropsychologist, in a Facebook post that has been shared nearly 8,000 times and has given rise to hundreds of comments.


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