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Hubble releases photos of snowman-like objects in space

by drbyos

The Hubble image takes the object from 6,000 light-years away and makes this visible in time exposure due to the very faint emission of gas. NASA says nebula The emission is a diffuse avana gas that has been filled with the energy of a nearby massive star, so that it glows with its own light.

“Radiation from this massive star releases electrons from the nebula’s hydrogen atoms in a process called ionization,” said NASA in a statement while releasing the images of Snowman, reported by Space, Thursday (25/11).

NASA says as electrons re-energize from a higher energy level to a lower energy level they then emit energy in the form of light, causing the nebula’s gas to glow.

Hubble took the images using the Wide Field Camera 3 instrument to look for hydrogen ionized by ultraviolet light from protostars, jets from stars, and other features. The telescope then didn’t quite work properly.

At the end of last October, a synchronization error with its internal communications forced the five science instruments on the Hubble telescope offline. The NASA team discovered the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) on November 7 and the same Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) was responsible for this image on November 21.

The WFC3 is Hubble’s most widely used instrument. The other three observatory instruments remain in protective safe mode as ground engineers continue to carefully troubleshoot the 31-year-old observatory.


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